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Geovation Accelerator

Homey is currently part of the Geovation Scotland accelerator.

Geovation is a funded accelerator programme accelerator run by Registers of Scotland, Ordnance Survey and Her Majesty's Land Registry.

It offers up to 12 months of incubation for property and geospatial technology start-ups looking to develop their business, and the creation of the Geovation Scotland Hub. The Hub, which will open in central Edinburgh later this year, will not only house those start-ups participating in the accelerator programme, but will also provide an environment aimed at fostering innovation and creativity for the broader UK geospatial community.

Homey is part of Cohort 2 of this programme alongside Doorstep Market, Planet Rewild and ZIVA Robotics.

Jennifer Henderson, Keeper of the Registers of Scotland, said: "This initiative supports some of Scotland's brightest innovators in finding new ways for our data to be used to deliver economic and social benefits.

"We are delighted to welcome these new entrepreneurs to Geovation Scotland and hope that the programme will provide them with the support they need to grow their businesses, and ultimately play their part in supporting the wider Scottish economy."

Public Finance Minister Ben Macpherson said: "Today marks another significant milestone for the Geovation Scotland Accelerator programme and its ambition to help some of Scotland's tech entrepreneurs reach their full potential

"This is more important than ever in such challenging times. Our entrepreneurial spirit will play a key role in our economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

"The work being done by the companies taking part is both innovative and exciting and highlights Scotland as a leader in technology. I look forward to seeing how these businesses develop in the future."

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